The Sturgeon Falls Rod and Gun Club is a non-profit member club of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), and, in conjunction with the OFAH, is dedicated to the protection and conservation of Ontario’s fish and wildlife, and its natural resources.

The Club has over 240 acres, located at 404 Clear Lake (Lac Clair) Road, just off of Hwy 17, northwest of Sturgeon Falls.


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Long-awaited changes to moose hunting regulations were announced by Natural Resources Minister John Yakabuski on Feb. 25.  The changes, informed by public consultations with the Big Game Management Advisory Committee (BGMAC) and comments on the Environment Registry of Ontario, will be implemented over the next two years.  READ MORE HERE!

The Sturgeon Falls Rod & Gun Club would like to recognize the following volunteers for their work during the 2019 Rod and Gun Club Pike Tournament.

Jim Anderson
Carl Arcand
Diane Arcand
Andre Beaulieu
Aurel Beaulieu
Ron Blais
George Bouchard
Dan Boulay
Anne Boulay
Claude Boulay
Helen Boulay

Laurie Bowman
Leona Brunet
Pat Campbell
Rita Dauphinas
Mike Decaen
Colette Decaen
Theresa Ducharme
Bernard Gauthier
Paul Gelinas
Doug Hanham
Jacob Lavigne

Denis Louiseize
Judy Martel
Zoe Martel
Bob Martin
Allan Massicotte
Ron Miller
Hugette Morin
Richard Mothersole
Ray Pitre
Noella Pitre
Alex Savage

Eric Savage
Hector Savage
Laurie Savage
Gord Stewart
Bonnie Stewart
John Thornton
Mary Thornton
Bob Tousignant
Linda Tousignant
Andree Trottier
Tim Trottier
Kim Trottier

The Sturgeon Falls Rod & Gun Club is pleased to proudly support Archer Fiona Maude with a $500 contribution to recognize her accomplishments in the sport and help her with future competitions.

  Click here to see her record!

Due to pandemic regulations, the cross-country ski and snowshoe trails
are only available for
current Sturgeon Falls Rod & Gun Club members.

SEE YOU IN 2022-23

West Nipissing Claybusters!

All members of the Sturgeon Falls Rod and Gun Club benefit from the Claybusters’ facilities which are also open to the general public as long as individuals are accompanied by a member of the Club.

Fees: One round of trapshooting comprises 25 targets. Club members can participate at a reduced-rate of $5 per round ($7 for non-members).

Hours of operation:

  • Summer Wednesday evenings – starting at 5:00 PM (until dark)
  • Sundays – starting at 10:30 AM
  • Winter Sundays – starting at 10:30 AM

We also host different trapshooting events which draw many amateurs and top ranking shooters.

A couple of points about our sport…

  • Having fun and a safe and controlled area is our number one goal!
  • Most participants are using are 12 gauge shotguns
  • Ammo is limited to size 7 1/2 to 9
  • Trapshooting is fairly simple – You say pull, and our automatic trapshooting machines releases a clay target and you shoot the target before it hits the ground
  • 25 targets to shoot in a round
  • 5 people can shoot per round and they shoot 5 times from 5 different positions. The person that shoots the most targets is the winner of the round.

Click Here for more information about the sport of trapshooting

Please contact Denis Louiseize for more information.

West Nipissing Shooting Range

The West Nipissing Shooting Range is a provincially inspected and approved facility. It operates on land that was previously a Springer Township land fill site and is leased to the club by the municipality of West Nipissing. The range is open for use from the beginning of May through to the end of November but those general guidelines are subject to the whim of the snow melt in the spring and its appearance in the fall. In addition, the lease agreement requires the range be closed for all of the month of July. During the open months the range is operational between the hours of 9:00 am to 8:00 pm or 10 minutes before sunset which ever is earlier, Sunday to Friday.

The range is open and approved for rifles and hand guns. It is a small facility with six (6) shooting stations for either rifles or hand guns but not at the same time. It is approved for rifles out to 100 metres but only from baffled stations.

The range was approved by the Chief Firearms Officer of Ontario in June of 2017 and commenced operations in September 2017. We are starting our second year of operation and beginning to attract more local area shooters. All members of the Sturgeon Falls Rod & Gun Club enjoy full shooting priviledges at the range if they are properly licensed firearm owners.

Safety is the absolute highest priority of the club and new shooters are supervised by a range safety officer and instructed in firing line rules and procedures. Instructional range safety officer training courses are held from time to time for those members who wish to use the range without a club appointed range safety officer in attendance.

Welcome the the West Nipissing Archers!


All members of the Sturgeon Falls Rod and Gun Club can benefit from an added membership of the West Nipissing Archers. New members are always welcomed!

Please note that members should possess their own equipment. If a member wishes to introduce their children to the sport, the Club has a dozen child-sized beginners’ kits on site that are available for use.

Summer:  Starting in May or once the weather clears, the Club puts out a selection of 3-D animals on the Club grounds, and any member can use the range at any time.

Winter:  The Archery Club meets Monday night from 7 to 9pm (Until the end of April) for two hours of archery shooting

Please contact Gord Stewart for more information.
(705) 753-3692


Sturgeon Falls Rod and Gun Club

404 Clear Lake (Lac Clair) Road